Violence Prevention and Social Emotional Learning Training

Training and Consultation

The PATHS® program is a researched-based, violence prevention program that promotes social skills, enhances academic achievement and prevents bullying. This program, which has been developed and refined through 30 years of research, is grounded in social and emotional learning.

The PATHS® program can be implemented in a variety of settings such as elementary schools, pre-schools, daycares and after-school programs. The elementary school curriculum is developed for children from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Hull Services operates in partnership with PATHS® Education Worldwide LLC - - to provide training and support to teachers, principals, school support staff, daycare and after school care professionals. For more information on the PATHS® curriculum, please go to Channing Bete Company®:

The Fourth R is an evidence-based, classroom based program that is taught in junior high classrooms, Grades 7-9. It uses a thematic approach to reduce risk behaviours, including violence/bullying, unsafe sexual behaviour and substance use.

Hull Services operates in partnership with Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence and the University of Western Ontario to train The Fourth R. For more information on the program, please see:

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Program Director - Kathleen Hagan
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The PATHS® program is taught two to three times per week by the students' teacher. PATHS® training and support provides teachers with organized, developmentally-based lessons, materials and instructions for teaching their students, including:

  • how to identify and express emotions
  • self-control
  • positive self-esteem
  • adaptive peer relationships
  • interpersonal problem solving skills

Research has shown that the PATHS® curriculum is effective as both a prevention and intervention program. Today's classrooms are typically a mixture of children who are in need of intervention, as well as children who may not necessarily be “at risk”, but can benefit from the prevention component to reinforce healthy development.

The PATHS® program has been clinically shown to reduce student aggressive behaviour by 32%, increase student self-control by 36%, improve cognitive test scores by 20% and increase the students' vocabulary for emotions by 68%.

The PATHS® curriculum improves resiliency and reduces behavioural risk factors. Research demonstrates significant improvements for youth in the following areas:

  • improved self-control
  • improved understanding and recognition of emotions
  • increased ability to tolerate frustration
  • use of more effective conflict resolution strategies
  • improved thinking and planning skills
  • decreased anxiety/depressive symptoms
  • decreased conduct problems

The Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence lists the PATHS® program as one of fourteen “Blueprint” programs (of over 1,400 evaluated programs). These 14 model programs have been effective in reducing adolescent violent crime, aggression, delinquency, and substance abuse. For more information on Blueprints for Violence Prevention, go to:

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