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We’re opening a virtual Centre to reduce the societal burden of developmental trauma 


The impact of developmental trauma is devastating – early, repeated trauma and/or loss that occurs in the first five years of a child’s life disrupts a child’s important cognitive, neurological, and psychological development. Developmental trauma occurs within the context of the child’s important relationships and is often the result of abandonment, abuse or neglect.

These adverse childhood experiences result in mental and physical health impacts that cost $748 billion/year in North America. Governments, out of necessity, prioritize treatment for those who have already experienced developmental trauma. This leaves few resources for prevention and offers an opportunity for Hull Services to provide a significant impact on future generations.

Hull Services’ Centre for Study and Prevention of Developmental Trauma will seek to solve complex problems by addressing the impact of developmental trauma, in collaboration with others and engaging systems, policy makers, organizations and individuals as active partners.

The collaborative efforts will allow us to build healthier communities to prevent the transmission of developmental trauma to subsequent generations. By focusing on service delivery, education, research partnerships, and advocacy, we will move the field of developmental trauma forward.

Why Hull Services?

Hull Services is well positioned to address the impact of developmental trauma because of our:

  • Proven track record of success with over 60 years of service delivery in the field of mental health
  • Expertise and internationally recognized reputation in trauma: Hull is on the leading edge of Trauma Informed Care.  As an NMT Phase II Certified Site in the Neurosequential Model beginning in 2011, we celebrate our tenth year as early adopters of this trauma informed lens


How will we reduce the societal burden of developmental trauma?


The Centre for Study and Prevention of Developmental Trauma will focus on Research, Training, Education, and Advocacy to build healthy communities. This involves:

A Resource for Father’s Day

Dr. Pruett shines a light on the importance of fathers in children’s lives. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandfathers, and father figures.


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