2021-2022 Annual Report 

It is with great pleasure to share with you our annual report for 2021/22. It reflects on the exceptional work that is happening throughout Hull’s programs and services and the commitment of over 700 staff and 195 volunteers to supporting young people and families that have experienced significant challenges.

While we are still navigating the challenges of a pandemic, Hull has continued to see expansion and development in our services. Recognizing the need for more access to long-term treatment options, Hull Services, in partnership with AHS, received funding to open a new Youth Recovery Program. This program falls under Hull’s Safe Direction continuum and provides live-in treatment, up to 12 weeks, for youth 13-18 years of age with substance use issues and occurring mental health concerns. Additionally, seeing the need for clinical and systems navigation support, our Bridging the Gap program received additional funding to add a Clinician to the program.

We also continue to invest in prevention and early intervention programs so that young people and families receive the support they need before serious concerns develop or as soon as they are identified.

Over the years, we at Hull Services have celebrated many important milestones, and we reflect on a few of these in this annual report. The work of our past, our present, and our future, are what motivates us each day to partner with young people and families to build resilience today for a brighter tomorrow.

William Roper Hull’s foresight continues to inspire Hull Services today, and will continue to inspire future generations. At Hull Services we strive for realizing Mr. Hull’s vision to build happy, healthy communities and we will continue to work towards this diligently every day.

With sincere appreciation,

Jon Reeves,
Executive Director, Hull Services

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