2020-2021 Annual Report 

It is my pleasure to share with you our annual report for 2020/21…and what a year it has been! Creating connections has never been so challenging or so essential to the well-being of young people and their families, and your connection to Hull and its mission has been a lifeline of support to children, youth and families struggling with trauma and fighting for their mental health.

Connection is one of our core values at Hull Services, and we believe that well-being and healing happen through authentic, respectful and nurturing relationships. That is why our staff and volunteers are the heart of our organization, and why the many contributions of our Board of Governors, Hull Child and Family Foundation Board, funders, donors and corporate partners have been such a source of inspiration for us during this challenging year as we have pursued our vision of resilient young people and families thriving within communities that support their mental health and well-being. It takes a well-connected, generous community to create the conditions where the most vulnerable can thrive.

While it felt like many things have been on hold during the pandemic, Hull has continued to see growth and development in key strategic areas, including the expansion of some early intervention/prevention programs and the addition of a campus-based treatment program for younger children. Despite the challenges facing Alberta, Hull has seen $1.5M budget growth in the past year as we have responded to growing mental
health needs.

True to our mission, Hull continues to build resilience — in young people and families, but also within our organization so that we can continue, with your support, to improve the futures of young people living with the impacts of developmental trauma.

With sincere appreciation,

Julie Kerr,
Executive Director, Hull Services

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