Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Investing in People, Prevention and Excellence

The 2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan represents a major step in our development as we add to existing strengths and leverage our successes to date. Building on the strong foundation from the 1019-2022 Strategic Plan, we have added three new priorities that represent key areas of focus to ensure we continue to offer the best support possible to our community’s most vulnerable young people and families.

  • Indigenous Engagement
  • Preventing Developmental Trauma
  • Agency Sustainability

We have set out what success looks like for the Agency in five years from now. Although we have a clear plan for where we want to go and how we want to get there, we know our environment can change in many ways. Therefore, this document will be regularly reviewed and refreshed in an ongoing cycle as goals are achieved and emerging needs and challenges are identified. It will serve as a compass for our programs and services as they develop their detailed work plans.

I want to thank all those who provided their voices and perspectives to help shape and inform this plan. I am proud of how far we have come and empowered by the commitment I see from the Hull Services community to our important work.

Download Hull Services’ Strategic Plan

Hull Services_Strategic Priorities spreads_1.pdf 14.42 MB