Centron Cares

Submitted on Thursday, 02/13/2020 - 11:48 am

There’s a saying that it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

That could be framed and hung on the wall in Mike’s House, the Centron-built building that is home to children for months, and sometimes years, as they receive trauma-informed care in Hull Services’ Preadolescent Treatment Program.

With caring and generous hearts, as well as extensive experience in real estate development and construction, the Centron Cares team worked with Hull to create a facility that not only feels like home to the kids, but one that supports the very important therapeutic work taking place there.

And it wasn’t the first time Centron extended their generosity to Hull, having built our Secure Services facility a few years prior. Secure Services offers immediate intervention and help for youth in dire need as they are at serious risk of harming themselves or others.

According to Bryan Hume, Secure Services’ Program Manager, Centron delivered a facility that exceeded expectations. Hume notes, “It’s so important to have attractive, purpose-built space when offering programs for kids with these types of issues.”

Well-known for developing prime real estate across Western Canada, Centron is especially proud of the work they put into building what matters most to them, their community. That sentiment reaches from the corporate level through the extended Centron Cares team.

“When you see the level of collaboration and teamwork in these community projects, it’s really touching. The love and type of care that goes into them is heartwarming,” says Allison Clark, Centron’s Vice-President of Development and Director of Centron Cares.

“If we all believe in making Calgary a better place to live, change happens,” adds Bob Harris, Centron founder and CEO.

That change continues to be felt long after the hammers have stopped swinging and the doors have opened. From the start of each building project, Centron worked with the team at Hull to truly understand how the facilities would be used to create spaces that were not only comfortable and safe, but also functional and purposeful.

And because the Centron Cares team is comprised of their employees, their expert consultant group and trusted trades with knowledge across all areas of the process, they helped stretch Hull’s construction funds to ensure the dollars were going into the features that were needed most.

“With their involvement in both our Secure Services facility and Mike’s House, Centron helped us navigate the building and development process, ensuring that we were spending our funds wisely to see the biggest impact possible,” says Julie Kerr, Executive Director of Hull Services. “The way that they engage their sub-contractors and trades, inviting them to participate with a spirit of philanthropy, expands the community of giving in Calgary and widens Hull’s circle of friends.”

Centron has been a great supporter of Hull Services in other ways as well, in no small part due to Harris’ willingness and ability to garner support through business and personal relationships. As part of a three-year commitment, Centron has been integral in continuing to build up the Hull in One Golf Tournament, and rounded out the third year as the presenting sponsor of Raise a Little Hull — an event that raised more than $225,000 for programs and services.

Hull Services is so grateful to have Centron’s support and for experiencing firsthand what Centron does best, building up their community.