2023 Skate All Night

Submitted on Thursday, 09/07/2023 - 12:50 pm

Push To Heal, John Rattray’s Why So Sad? Campaign, and the Centre for Suicide Prevention’s Run For Life are partnering on a journey from darkness to light: a campaign to remember loved ones lost to suicide and raise awareness for suicide prevention.

At 11:59pm on Friday, September 22, we will open the gates to the Matt Banister Memorial Skatepark for the second annual Skate All Night event. We will skate until the sun rises to raise awareness for suicide prevention and raise funds to support the Centre for Suicide Prevention as well as the work being done through Hull Services’ Push To Heal in partnership with Why So Sad?

At the event we will skate (all night), eat, drink as much coffee as is required, and reflect on the journey from darkness to light as we remember loved ones lost. We will also screen a narration of the Why So Sad? comic followed by a Q & A with John Rattray and Joel Pippus about the projects they each represent.

Options to Participate:

  1. Come to the event in person. Register online and if would like, donate to the event or set a fundraising goal for yourself and ask folks to help you meet your goal.
  2. Register online to fundraise for the campaign.
  3. Register online, fundraise if you want, and have your own “journey from darkness to light” session wherever you are. If you take/post a photo on Instagram, tag us using the hashtag #skatedarktolight
  4. We plan to share the process leading up to the event, information about suicide prevention, and do our part to keep this important conversation going. Follow along on Instagram at @pushtoheal and @ratt_ray
  5. Explore www.suicideinfo.ca, the Centre For Suicide Prevention’s website. CSP is an education centre, a centre for excellence, based in Calgary, Alberta. They are a branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association and have a library of over 50,000 suicide-specific items, the largest English-language collection of its kind.