Push to Heal 2022

Submitted on Thursday, 09/15/2022 - 11:54 am

#skatedarktolight  |  September, 2022

Push To Heal, and the Centre for Suicide Prevention’s Run For Life are partnering on a journey from darkness to light: a campaign to remember loved ones lost to suicide and raise awareness about what trauma is, how it connects to suicide, and how skateboarding can help to cope with trauma.

We would love for anyone inside and outside of skateboarding to be involved.


Skate All Night Event

On September 25, 2022, we will skate through the night, from darkness to light. We will be starting skateboarding at 12:00am and skateboarding until sunrise. During this time, we will be remembering loved ones lost to suicide and reflecting on the process of moving from darkness to light and what it means for those working through trauma, thoughts of suicide, and mental health challenges.

If you are willing to join us for any portion of the skate all night fundraiser, we would love to know we are not doing it alone! It’s free to register to join our team, and you can decide if you want to fundraise as a part of it or not. If you are in a different city than Calgary and want to participate, still register to join our team and find a spot in your community that you can participate.

If you would like to participate in the Push to Heal event, you can reach out via the Push to Heal Instagram or email Joel at jpippus@hullservices.ca 

Other ways to get involved:

  1. We have collaborated on a series of Instagram posts that will be shared during World Suicide Prevention Month (September, 2022). Read and think about the information that we post. Talk about it with your friends and family. Share it via social media if you find it helpful and feel comfortable – use the hashtag #skatedarktolight.  Push to Heal Instagram: @pushtoheal
  2. Reflect on and interact with the concept of moving “From Darkness to Light”. Suggestions for how to do that are:
    1. Make an edit, shoot a photo, or create a piece of art illustrating “From Darkness to Light” and post it to share with your community – use hashtag #skatedarktolight. Explain why you are focusing on that concept.
    2. During the month of September, 2022, we invite you to skateboard at sunrise to skate “From Darkness to Light”.
    3. Participate in the Skate All Night event by finding a local space to skate through the night and joining our team so we know you are participating. Reach out on Instagram or email Joel at jpippus@hullservices.ca to join the team.
  3. If you want to support the ongoing work of our organizations please consider supporting us financially by donating using the donation form below.

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