Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities

Securities can be an immediate gift to Hull Services, or can be a part of your estate planning. A gift of publicly listed securities such as mutual funds, shares and stocks receive a 100% tax credit on the capital gains of the shares when sold. This results in a larger tax savings than if you sold them and donated the proceeds to Hull Services.

You can make a gift of shares to Hull Services by transferring them electronically and we strongly recommend you consult your financial advisor, securities broker or another financial representative to assist you in making the transfer. To make a gift of shares, please follow the instructions on our transfer form. Click here for a Gift of Securities transfer document. If you have questions concerning a gift of securities, please contact the Director of Development and Communications, at 403-238-7956.

Please note: Transferring shares between brokerage firms may take five business days and price fluctuations can occur. It is Hull Services’ policy to sell donated securities as soon as possible. Your gift will be valued at the closing price on the day the securities are received in our account and you will be issued a charitable tax receipt for that value.

Please complete the form below and send it to:

Your Broker and Hull Services
Attention: Rob Leong, Director of Finance
T: 403-238-7971
Fax: 403-251-9001

Click here for Transfer of Publicly Traded Securities to Hull Services Form