Introducing our new Strategic Directions 2019-2022

Submitted on Wednesday, 02/19/2020 - 8:19 am

Building Our Future on a Strong Foundation

Hull Services is proud to launch our new Strategic Directions 2019-2022: Building Our Future on a Strong Foundation. Our new Stratetgic Directions is a forward-looking document that recognizes and builds upon the values and strengths of Hull Services. The Strategic Directions lay out the broad picture for Hull Services, emphasizing goals that enhance and expand the work of Hull.

This document is a strategic guide to our key areas of focus for Hull at this time. It represents another important step in our development as we build on existing strengths and leverage successes to date. It provides directional momentum and is not, in and of itself, a final destination. This document will be regularly reviewed and refreshed in an ongoing cycle as goals are achieved and emerging needs and challenges are identified. It will serve as a compass for our programs and services as they develop their detailed work plans.