National Mentoring Month

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January is National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and we’re celebrating the important and amazing work of our mentors in supporting the young people we serve.

Mentoring is a powerful way of lending support to a young person by teaching skills, listening to their perspectives and creating a sense of belonging and connection. Spending time with a young person may seem simple, but science tells us that healthy interactions and relationships with supportive adults can boost children’s brain development, mental health, and well-being.

Research tells us that children need a positive adult influence (like a more likely to achieve high academic performance mentor) in their lives. Children who engage with adults in developmentally supportive ways are:

  • more likely to participate in extracurricular school activities
  • less likely to have behaviour problems in school
  • less likely to be bullied or victimized

The mentorship program at Hull ensures the young people we support have the opportunity to build a healthy relationship with an adult, have a positive role model in their life, develop their strengths and build their self-esteem. At Hull Services, mentors are an integral part of our holistic approach to treatment and care.

“Mentoring to me is a blessing. As a mentor I have the opportunity to ensure my mentee has the proper support and guidance through the tough times that unfortunately happen to many young people.” – Ivan Nario, Mentor

A smile can brighten someone’s day, a compliment can make someone feel good – positive interactions affect how our brain develops, which is why it’s important to have positive role models in our life. Our Senior Director of Clinical Advancement & Trauma Informed Services celebrates National Mentoring Month by talking about the importance of mentors in a young person’s life and the correlation between positive relationships and brain development.⁣

Hull Services’ 2020 Mentor of the Year Award Recipients

Barbra and Ron are two valued mentors of our one-one-one and group mentoring options. Both have been mentoring through our program for years, their uniqueness brings a lot of value to our program

Barbara has been a group volunteer Mentor for the last two years. Guiding youth though real life experiences, Barbara lets the youth choose activities that interests them. While engaging them through activities like baking and games, she quickly builds trust and rapport with the young people. This quality has allowed Barbara to make young people feel safe and comfortable with her.

Ron has been a one-on-one volunteer Mentor the past four years and has been matched with three young people. Ron’s character is what makes him such a strong leader, being described caring, friendly, thoughtful and fun. Ron is always up for new experiences and is always down for grabbing some food and having a chat. Ron accepts his mentees where they are in their healing journey, works to have a trusting and safe relationship, celebrating successes and encouraging growth.

Mentors and Their Power to Save Lives

Being a superhero doesn’t mean you need to have the ability to fly super high or have super strength in order to help those in need of support. Being a friend who offers a shoulder to lean on is just as powerful. For National Mentoring Month, we wanted to feature two special volunteer mentors within our Mentors Matter program who speak on using their “superpowers” to help build a stronger community. These two men wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of the young people we serve and while doing so, they learned something about themselves along the way.

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Become a mentor Today!

Think about a person that made you feel valued and supported, that helped with your self-confidence and growth and saw potential in you. You can be that person for one of our young people in Calgary by volunteering as a mentor with Hull Services.

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A Message from Minister of Children’s Services, Rebecca Schulz and Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange for International Mentoring Day

International Mentoring Day: Joint statement
January 17th, 2021

On Jan. 17, we celebrate International Mentoring Day to thank volunteer mentors for the important difference they make in the lives of children and youth.
“Mentors are caring individuals who help young people develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Children and youth build resiliency through these relationships, and gain skills they need to reach their full potential and lead happy, full lives. In a recent Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) survey, nearly nine out of 10 mentees said mentoring increased their social skills, and the majority of mentees (81 per cent) said mentoring helped them stay in school.

“The Alberta government is proud to support mentorship in communities and schools across the province through AMP, which receives funding through the ministries of Children’s Services and Education. With more than 170 school and agency members, this partnership helps community organizations provide mentoring opportunities throughout the province. You can find out more about these opportunities by visiting

“As Minister of Children’s Services, I have seen first-hand the way strong mentors can help improve the lives of children and youth who are at risk. We know from experience that mentoring helps kids stay in school and increases their social skills. This International Mentoring Day, I encourage Albertans to explore the many opportunities available to become a mentor and to make a real and positive difference in a young person’s life.

“Thank you to all the volunteer mentors who are already helping young people across the province.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Children’s Services on International Mentoring Day

I would like to thank the many school authorities across Alberta that support mentoring opportunities for their students. Mentoring can help students develop healthy relationships and create connections — and this is especially important during challenging times when children and youth may feel disconnected.
“While mentoring looks different this year, many schools and community organizations have used creative and safe ways to continue their programs virtually. High school students can also benefit from becoming mentors themselves to support and guide younger students while earning school credits.

“During mentoring month, I encourage Alberta schools to check the available resources to establish or grow mentorship programs, and find out how students can get involved as mentees or mentors by visiting”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Children’s Services