Adopt-a-Family or Young Adult

Adopt-a-family or young adult is designed to support those receiving services through Hull, who live in the community and would go without gifts at Christmas time. This includes families as well as young adults receiving support through Hull’s Independent Living Services program. Hull staff have determined that each referral is based on need.

How it Works

Decide which donation process works best for you: receive a wish list to shop from or make an online cash donation.

  • Receive a wish list: 
    • If you choose to receive a wish list, one of the Happy Hullidays committee members will contact you to get the details about your donation.
    • We ask that donors purchase a gift for each child in the family (some “children” may be over the age of 18). Please plan to spend $100 per person.
    • We also ask that a grocery gift card for the young adult/family be provided so they may buy Christmas dinner, pantry staples etc. We will provide donors with a recommended total amount based on the total number of individuals living in the home (for example, for a family of 4 we will ask for a grocery card totaling $300, equaling $75 per person).
    • Depending on the donor & recipient’s comfort level, the gifts may be delivered directly. Some people may wish to have the Hull referring staff manage the delivery.
    • Donors are provided with a wish list specific to the young adult/family, and they purchase and wrap gifts. Gift wishes are recommendations, not all gifts must be purchased. Gifts may also be given unwrapped.
  • Make an online cash donation:
    • Happy Hullidays committee members will purchase gifts for the families or young adults from their wish list. You can make a donation online using the form below.

Online Donation Form 



  1. Why wouldn’t I be able to deliver my donation directly to the recipient?
    Not everyone is comfortable having unfamiliar people come to their home. If this is important for you, we will work with you and do our best to find the right match for your donation.
  2. Can I include food items in the hamper?
    Only pre-packaged, non-perishable food can be included. Please no home cooked/baked food items.
  3. I’d like to support a family of 4, but I can only afford to purchase gifts, not the food gift cards. Can I still participate?
    Yes. We understand that supporting a large family can be a big commitment. We can arrange for a family that will fit your budget and we will supplement the donation with gift cards from another donor.
  4. I have grocery store and other store gift cards. Can I donate those to be given to a family or young adult?
    Yes. We will ensure your gift cards are given to family or young adult who have been referred to us.

Hamper Delivery Process

We ask that all gifts be delivered to the recipients by December 16th, unless otherwise pre-arranged with the Hull referring staff. If delivering directly to the recipient, please deliver to the door rather than going inside residences.

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