Brain Booster Activity Cards

Submitted on Friday, 07/05/2024 - 3:57 pm

Brain Booster Activity Cards

The Brain Booster activity cards outline a set of enrichment activities that are intended to provide targeted positive activation of key systems in the brain. The four broad categories of activities are matched to the four functional domains of the brain outlined by Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model.

These activities support self-regulation and sensory integration when used in the context of positive relationships. The cards allow therapists, educators, parents, and caregivers to select an activity that meets the developmental needs of the child. The cards have been developed over several years at Hull Services with the input of teachers, clinicians, and program staff.

The new Brain Booster Activity Cards (v.2020) are now available!

The new (v.2020) deck of activities was undertaken after carefully considering what relationally rich regulation could look like during times we need to be physically distant. Like the first edition, the activities in this deck are categorized based on the domains of the brain described in the Neurosequential Model. The difference is that the activities in the new deck provide suggestions on how to support physical distancing while maintaining relational engagement. There are also tips and tricks from an Occupational Therapist and Animal Assisted Therapist.

BONUS CONTENT: ways to build relational connections when we cannot be physically present with our clients, students, families, and friends. We know you will enjoy the v.2020 activity cards as much as the original!

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Brain Booster Testimonials

“I love the Brain Booster Deck! I have used it with colleagues, children and families to develop new tools and routines for regulation that fit with the client’s preferences. The card-deck format makes them so easy to shuffle and turn into matching and turn-taking games with children. The clear labels and explanations make the rationale for each activity accessible to caregivers. They have a permanent place in my therapy ‘toolbox’!” ~ Julia Bantimba, Occupational Therapist Napa Infant Parent Mental Health Faculty, Berkeley, CA

“The Neurodeck Brain Boosters are a fantastic ‘at your fingertip’ resource to quickly find fun and creative activities and interventions that can help children and families calm down and manage their big feelings in the moment. I’ve had my set almost a year and they get used every day.” ~ Michelle Taylor, Director & Clinical Psychologist, Blossomtree Psychology, Creswick Foundation Fellow

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