Mental Health in Sports and in Life

Submitted on Wednesday, 01/29/2020 - 1:00 am

Hull Services has partnered with I Got Mind to help promote the importance of mental health in the sporting world. The goal of Mental Health in Sports at Hull Services is to educate and promote best practices to attain mental health wellness in the sporting communities.


Hull Services and partner, I Got Mind have been on tour since 2018 talking to people about mental health. The I Got Mind initiative has been very successful in communities across Western Canada, were we have had over 5000 people attend our events.

During COVID-19 we have created curriculum and presentations that help with the issues we are all facing and the importance of everyone to work on their mental wellness.

The team of I Got Mind and Hull Services gives a very unique experience when talking about Mental health. It is a combination of practical life experience along with brain science and clinical research, this allows all attendees to understand what might be going on within themselves, ideas of how to overcome, and become mentally well.

During this unprecedented time, stress and anxiety are affecting millions of people on the planet. This is, and has had, a significant impact in all areas of life. We are offering support to any organization who feels their team/community could use the support and education of how to deal with the new world.

We do this by offering team webinars where we share what we have learned both practically and clinically. These sessions are very informative, and interactive. The goal is to create understanding and share best practices in self care.

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I Got Mind Webinars

Below is an example of a webinar I Got Mind has hosted since the COVID-19 outbreak. It addresses many of the mental health issues are seeing in society. See video for additional webinars.

Your Support is Needed

Your donations help us help other organizations with free support programs for communities, educational, sport, and business organization who cannot afford support.

Every group has from 15-150 people. The information is impacting attendees lives and the lives of those they touch. A ripple affect we are happy to lead. Thank you for your support, it is doing great work.

If you would like to make a donation, please use the form below or contact for more information.

Please note:

  • Please make cheques payable to Hull Services at 2266 Woordpark Avenue SW, T2W 2Z8 and  indicate in the memo that the donation is for the Mental Health in Sports Program.
  • donor information will be shared with I Got Mind.
  • on-line donations for our Mental Health in Sports Initiative do not receive electronic tax receipts. You will receive your tax receipt through our regular manual system.

About I Got Mind

Over the years of being heavily involved in sports, founder Bob Wilkie realized that the athletes he was coaching were heading down the same path he had traveled. Unmet expectations, striving for perfection, pressure from coaches and peers all which lead to anxiety, depression and substance abuse. I Got Mind is continuously growing, and a team of passionate former athletes and mental health experts are all working together to support and educate as many people involved in the sport as possible. To learn more about
I Got Mind, click here.


Partners and Supporters


The Calgary Flames Foundation

Each year the Calgary Flames Foundation raises $4 million to distribute to annual projects and an average of 70 beneficiaries. Since March 2020 the Calgary Flames Foundation has distributed $1.4 million through the Calgary Flames Foundation COVID-19 Community Support Program! Thank you to the Calgary Flames Foundation for your support of our COVID-19 Mental Health Programs in partnership with I Got Mind.