Mental Health in Sports

Submitted on Wednesday, 01/29/2020 - 1:00 am

Hull Services has partnered with I Got Mind to help promote the importance of mental health in the sporting world. The goal of Mental Health in Sports at Hull Services is to educate and promote best practices to attain mental health wellness in the sporting communities.

About I Got Mind

Over the years of being heavily involved in sports, founder Bob Wilkie realized that the athletes he was coaching were heading down the same path he had traveled. Unmet expectations, striving for perfection, pressure from coaches and peers all which lead to anxiety, depression and substance abuse. I Got Mind is continuously growing, and a team of passionate former athletes and mental health experts are all working together to support and educate as many people involved in the sport as possible. To learn more about
I Got Mind, click here. 

If you would like to make a donation to Hull Services for our mental health in sports initiative, please use the form below or contact for more information.

Please note, donor information will be shared with I Got Mind.