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About Mountainside

Mountainside is a trauma-informed, therapeutic campus-based treatment program that provides clinical interventions to children and youth with emotional and behavioural challenges. Through a relationally rich milieu and evidence-based practices the program strives to improve mental health, teach self-regulation skills, and enhance social/emotional functioning. The program supports community and cultural connections and involves parents/caregivers and other natural supports as critical aspects of treatment.

The Mountainside program is located on Hull’s Woodbine campus in a building known as sipătsimo moyis, or Sweetgrass Lodge: A place of healing for children. Hull’s Elder, Casey Eagle Speaker, granted a traditional Blackfoot name to this special place.

Who this Program Supports 

The children and youth who are admitted to Mountainside require an intensive treatment setting due to significant emotional and behavioural challenges that can not be managed in other environments. These may include: aggression, self-harm, property destruction, poor social skills, suicidal ideation and attempts, attachment difficulties, and peer issues.

Embedded in a therapeutic milieu and using trauma-informed, clinical interventions, the program strives to reduce significant emotional and behavioural challenges, bolster connections with natural supports and prepare our children and youth for a less-restrictive community setting.

Our Approach

Mountainside is an evidence-based multi-component program for children and youth that is guided by the principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), developmental neuroscience, and the Neurosequential Model (NM). NM is a developmentally sensitive approach to teach and support self-regulation by improving brain functioning.

Occurring in the context of a relationally safe therapeutic milieu, a highly individualized treatment environment is created that enhances the power of learning through living. To further promote social/emotional development, children and youth in the program also participate in the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies curriculum. Individual therapy, group work as well as parent/caregiver coaching and in-home support is also offered.

Committee to Excellence

In addition to post-secondary education, Mountainside staff receive training in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities such as the Neurosequential Model (NM) and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). The staff also receive numerous core Agency trainings as well as intensive in-program training, continuous coaching, and reflective supervision.

The program staff are Child and Youth Care Certified through the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta (CYCAA) or are Registered Social Workers through the Alberta College of Social Workers.

How to Access the Program

Mountainside is a managed referral program 

Mountainside serves children and youth involved with Calgary Region Children’s Services. Referrals are made by case workers and triaged through the placement team.

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