Track: Young People’s Lodge (formerly TRACC)

Submitted on Friday, 01/24/2020 - 2:25 am

aast’ taapii moyis

In March  2021, TRACC changed its name to Track: Young People’s Lodge, or aast’ taapii moyis  in Blackfoot. This program was gifted the name by Casey Eagle Speaker, Hull’s Indigenous Resource Coordinator, through a naming ceremony. The name stems from the Blackfoot culture’s understanding of the word and how it represents the young people and the treatment in the program.
“The meaning behind the name is that, as young people, we are growing and learning as we transition to adulthood; we’re going to make mistakes,” said Andrea Ulrich, Program Director. “And through these mistakes, we grow, establishing our identify, who we are and who we want to be.”
“The Blackfoot names are significant in recognizing the ancestral lands of the Blackfoot Confederation that Hull is situated on, as is the city of Calgary,” said Eagle Speaker. “To have Indigenous inclusion is important to create a culturally safe place with humility, to give those we serve a sense of freedom and direction.”

About Track: Young People’s Lodge

Track: Young People’s Lodge, assists youth and families through a continuum of services. The service is designed to treat adolescents with serious emotional and/or behavioural difficulties who are not yet able to be effectively served in the community. An emphasis is placed on parental involvement, community participation, and the development of relevant community-living skills. The treatment modality is DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) which focuses on teaching the adolescents skills in the four areas of: mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.

Track: Young People’s Lodge includes three beds designated for adolescents referred from the Young Offender system. Serious habitual offenders, or youths who do not have an intact family system or who are not willing to support him/her, are not considered good treatment candidates. Additionally, the youth’s custody disposition must be of a sufficient duration to allow for a six-week assessment period and to allow for the setting of realistic treatment process.

Please note that although we attempt to counsel youths to make informed decisions with respect to leaving the program without permission, our status as an open custody placement does not permit us to physically stop a youth from leaving unless he/she is assessed as presenting imminent danger to themselves and/or others. Individual and group therapy are available to residents and are mandatory for most young offenders.


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Please note: Track: Young People’s Lodge is accessed through Calgary Region Children’s Services.

For more information contact

Andrea Ulrich Program Director

  • 403-251-8082