Support the Kids and Families that Depend on Hull Services

Submitted on Tuesday, 04/27/2021 - 10:59 am

You’d never walk past a child who was physically injured and needed help.

Please help kids suffering trauma you can’t see – trauma which leads to serious mental health challenges.


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This is Cory and his mom and dad. They just became a family.

It’s been a long wait. Cory was taken from his first home at 11 months old because it wasn’t safe. He lived in 13 different places by the time he turned 11 years old. To be clear, he didn’t live in 13 different places with a family — he lived in all those places, for all those years, without one.

Imagine the trauma that would cause a child.

This trauma in Cory’s early life led him to Hull at the age of 11 to receive specialized trauma-informed care. Since then he has been making huge strides with our help but his journey with Hull isn’t over. He still requires special supports to heal and thrive.

We are now helping Cory’s adoptive parents learn how to help him do that. They will get there, as a family, and with Hull’s support.


It’s not their fault.

The kids we help at Hull come to us through no fault of their own. They aren’t ‘bad’ kids — they’ve had bad things happen to them. Many of them have had traumatic experiences because of adults in their lives, resulting in severe negative effects on their mental health and development.

Let’s show them there are people they can count on — people like you helping Hull provide trauma-informed support so they have the chance to heal and just be kids. And, for those fortunate enough to have caring, stable adults in their lives, let’s help their families get the support they need too.

As a leader in child and youth mental health, Hull uses leading-edge brain science to support children and youth in our care — providing them very necessary services and therapies.

Please help us open our doors, programs and hearts to help kids who are so in need of support. In turn, it will open the doors to their futures.


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