This Giving Tuesday, Young People Need Your Support!

Submitted on Tuesday, 11/16/2021 - 1:41 pm

Imagine you’re finally getting your perfect holiday gift — it’s something you’ve always wanted — you’ve dreamed of it for years — except it isn’t a ticket to a warm vacation destination or a shiny piece of jewelry — it’s the help you’ve always needed.

This holiday season, we would like to share with you how the young people in our Interdependent Living Services (ILS) program desire the many gifts we so often take for granted, like a home of our own where loved ones can gather and the skills and access to a kitchen to bake those loved ones a holiday treat.

These are basic necessities, but to the young people at Hull, these basic necessities are a gift they will cherish long past the holiday season.

A gift you can give them by donating this Giving Tuesday.

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Our ILS program supports youth and young adults who have experienced hardships like trauma and abuse early on in life — and as a result struggle with severe negative effects on their mental health and development. Through the support of the program, we teach them a wide variety of skills and provide them with a healthy home environment so they can build their self-confidence and work towards future independence.

We are asking you to support our ILS program that ensures these young people are equipped with a safe home and all the tools they need to be successful in life. This holiday season, your support is more than just gifting them a shiny new toy.

Your gift tells them that they matter when they’ve long felt like they have not.

Now we’d like to introduce you to Yesica – she’s counting on people like you this Giving Tuesday.

Yesica is 18 and has been in our ILS program for the past two and a half years — and in that time, she has learned many life skills, like being on time for work and staying on task to managing her own money and establishing healthy relationships; skills that have given her confidence for a bright future.

“The ILS program is important because there are kids out there who want to do better, but they don’t have support, or know how,” says Yesica. “The program gives youth a second chance at life, and when I say second chance, I mean they give kids A LOT of chances.”

Chances you can give them.

“What I wish that all kids struggling knew, is you can have this life too, if you try and don’t give up,” says Yesica. “Oh, and stay grateful!”

Yesica has so much gratitude, for everything she has, and for people like you, who have given her the opportunities she needed to thrive.

By donating this Giving Tuesday, you are telling these kids they matter and that they can shine so much brighter than their past that has seen so much darkness.

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We wish you a holiday season filled with many laughs with your loved ones, treasured celebrations, and tasty treats! And thank you for giving the young people at Hull their perfect holiday gift this year.

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