• What is Hull Services?

    Hull Services is a registered charitable organization that provides an integrated continuum of services including specialized therapy, counselling and education. Hull helps children, youth and families who experience emotional and psychological disorders, behavioural problems, learning disabilities, mental illness, developmental delay, neglect, abuse and trauma.

  • How many programs does Hull Services have?

    Hull Services delivers 26 programs along an integrated continuum, including prevention and early intervention, family based treatment, school-based services, community group care, campus-based care and adult services.

  • Who is William Roper Hull?

    William Roper Hull was an entrepreneur, visionary, philanthropist. His contributions to Calgary, Alberta and Western Canada left a blueprint for legions of others to follow. Mr. Hull recognized that a quality life requires a fabric of services, resources and relationships. As a result of William Roper Hull’s generosity, thousands of kids