Hull’s Voices of Lived Experience (Hull’s Voices) is a community of young people and families who have received support from Hull Services.

Joining Hull’s Voices gives you the opportunity to share your experiences to influence growth, learning and change at Hull.

Your story can help break down potential barriers between young people, families and mental health professionals. Your lived experience can positively shape how Hull communicates, connects, and works with those needing support in the future. Here are some ways you may be able to participate in the Hull’s Voices community:

  • Sharing your story
  • Hull’s Voices Advisory Council
  • Events
  • Peer Support programs
  • Focus Groups and Surveys

All stories are shared in confidence and will not be disclosed without consent. Hull is committed to openly and respectfully listening to young people and their families’ stories and experiences.

About the Hull’s Voice Advisory Council

The Hull’s Voices Advisory Council partners with young people and families who have received services from Hull.  Here are some of the things the council works on:

  • Sharing their perspectives and collaborating with Hull to develop key strategies that support positive growth, learning and change within our programs.
  • Providing suggestions on how to break down potential barriers between young people, families and mental health professionals.
  • Advising the Agency on how to communicate, connect and work in different ways with those needing support in the future.

It is important to us that we not just listen to what our young people and families have to say — but also give them a voice at the table working directly with our Hull’s senior leadership, as well as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation report, and other areas within the Agency.



Key Areas of Focus


Hull’s Voices 


Watch this video to learn more about Hull’s Voices, including how the council began, what they hope to achieve, and why they are so important! 


Tuning our Voice

There is another powerful voice that‘s ready to be heard – the voice of those young people and families we support

Learn more about how the council began, and how they plan to support growth within Hull’s programs.

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If you’re a young person or family member who has been involved in a Hull program, and you are interested in telling your story, please reach out to find out more on how you can be involved. It is completely confidential and greatly appreciated. Reach out to Christina Sackett at or 403-542-7897 to learn more.


Christina Sackett is the Hull’s Voices Liaison. She first became involved with Hull when her son Myles entered one of our programs over 10 years ago. Wanting to find a way to channel her experience into helping others and making a difference, she became very involved with the Agency through several volunteer roles. In 2019, she helped form and became chair of the Hull’s Voices of Lived Experience Council. From there, she has continued to find opportunities for those with lived-experience to help be a part of shaping how young people and their families receive support from Hull – now and into the future!

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