Who We Are

A Leader in Children's Mental Health

Hull Services has long had a reputation for providing leading edge child, youth, and family mental health services. We work with children, youth and families who have experienced significant types of challenges. Hull offers them an opportunity to seek well-being and happiness, with a focus on mental health. Hull’s vision is for resilient young people and families to thrive within communities that support their mental health and well-being.

Our Mission

Hull partners with young people and families, building resilience today for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Vision

Resilient young people and families thriving within communities that support their mental health and well-being.

Our services

Self-Referral Programs

Self-referral programs are open to the public to refer themselves to without requiring a referral by a health care professional, service or agency.

Self Referral Programs

Managed Referral Programs

Access to managed referral programs are managed by health care professionals, services or agencies. These programs are not accessible to the public via self-referral.

Managed Referral Programs

Education, Training and Resources

Hull Services offers a variety of education, training and resources available to professionals, organizations and the public.

Education, Training, and Resources

The Art of Healing: Hull’s Artistic Journey to Building Resilience

Art is a language we all speak, it transcends all cultural boundaries and unites us in unspoken ways. And for the young people Hull Services supports, its impact is greater than one might imagine.

In 2019, Hull Services received funding towards a unique project that revamped a few of the live-in programs on campus, and for the children who are and will be residing here, the change is one to get excited about.

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