Family Initiatives – Managed Referrals

Submitted on Thursday, 01/09/2020 - 5:36 am

About Family Initiatives – Community

Family Initiatives is a program that provides in-home support  and works with all members of the family to help preserve or reunify families. Families work collaboratively with our staff to teach new skills, reach their goals and improve their lives.

Who this Program Supports 

The Family Initiatives Program works with families who maybe at-risk of losing their children to an out of home placement.

The program also works with families who may already have had children removed from their homes with the goal of helping the children move back home.

Our Approach

Our staff work with families to teach parenting skills and ways for the parents to be able to parent their children on their own. Our staff develop goals with the family to help them achieve success in their parenting, communication, conflict-resolution and overall family wellness.

Staff will work with outside community and cultural supports to help families maintain any progress that has been made. The goal is to ensure permanency for the children involved and to maintain contact with whomever is identified as the children’s family.

Committed to Excellence 

  • Program staff are trained to teach and build upon existing parenting skills.
  • Staff in the program are credited as Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) practitioners and this model/curriculum is used in the program.
  • Staff receive training in trauma-informed care and participants have access to Hull Services’ clinicians.

How to Access the Program 

Families are referred to Family Initiatives by Children Services.

For more information contact