Community Parenting Education Program

Submitted on Thursday, 01/09/2020 - 2:25 am

The Community Parent Education Program (CPEP) is a family strengthening program open to all families in the community with children ages 5-17 years.

CPEP has been operating throughout Calgary and surrounding areas since 2002. We are a partnership program with the Calgary Board of Education and we work closely with numerous other agencies and organizations. CPEP facilitates a variety of parenting courses as well as children’s social skills and problem-solving groups. We offer parents and their children the opportunity to learn new skills that are effective and positive. Improving the quality of family life and parent-child relationships is our focus.

CPEP is a universal family program that is available to any family in Calgary and the surrounding area. CPEP is for any parent wishing to receive parent education and support. The program is effective and beneficial for any family. CPEP can provide particular help for parents of children with disruptive behaviour disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Conduct Disorder.

A typical group runs one evening a week for 8-10 weeks and includes a skill-based group for parents and/or caregivers as well as a social skills group for children ages 5-17 years. In addition to improving the parents ability to parent their child, CPEP encourages the creation of a social network for parents facing similar challenges.

CPEP also encourages awareness and utilization of other resources in their local communities. The goal is to help families create their own network of support beyond the term of the CPEP Program. Parenting topics covered include: relationship building, parenting through daily transitions, use of rewards and consequences, problem solving, and effective communication.

CPEP is a research-based, adult learning style program designed by Dr. Charles Cunningham, a world renowned expert in the area of child and family psychiatry. The program comes from McMaster University Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario and is offered throughout the province of Ontario as well as the U.S.,Denmark, Sweden and Guam. CPEP is the first program of its kind to be offered in Western Canada.

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