Radisson Group Care Home

Submitted on Thursday, 01/09/2020 - 5:37 am

Radisson Group Care Home offers a safe, stable and individualized treatment program for youth who have been removed from their families or placements due to breakdown, behavioural and emotional problems, or possibly neglect or abuse. Radisson provides teaching and support for these youth to integrate back into the community. Referrals are made through Children’s Services, Calgary Region.

Radisson Group Care Home is a community-based, seven bed group care setting situated in a community in southeast Calgary. Our goal is to flexibly assist youth to attain safety, wellness and permanent family and community placement by providing safety, skills training and support in a community-based setting. Youth are encouraged to practice behaviours that reflect a community setting, and to experience the community as an opportunity for growth. Practice and application of learned skills occurs in the various settings of the young person’s life (community, school, home, significant relationships). The program aims to support the youth in internalizing their learning to achieve more independence and control in their lives. When family is involved we attempt to utilize in-home support to work with the family and engage wraparound services when the youth do not have family and natural supports in place.

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