Lasting Impressions

Submitted on Thursday, 01/09/2020 - 5:34 am

Lasting Impressions works with families that have dependent children under the age of 18 whose parent is dealing with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness.

The program offers two levels for support:

  • In-home support: focuses on enhancing family functioning through the short-term intervention of a family mentor.
  • Community support: includes support networks for youth, opportunities for meeting other families involved with the program, as well as increasing awareness and building supportive links within communities.

Self-referrals and community referrals are accepted, although the program encourages a family member to contact the program coordinator for in-home support. This allows the program coordinator to better support a family while being on a waitlist which can be as long as six months. Participation in any of the programming is voluntary. Families can participate in more than one aspect of the programming at any given time, and families may access any aspect of the program multiple times.

The program focuses on helping families discover their strengths, pursue personal and family goals as well as helping families make positive connections with both the general and mental health community. This is done through a family-centered approach that focuses on establishing trust with family members and ensuring the fulfillment of basic needs. In addition, the program looks to collaborate with other service systems/providers so that a comprehensive, integrated service delivery is available to families.

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