Managed Referral Programs

Access to managed referral program are managed by health care professionals, services or agencies. These programs are not accessible to the public via self-referral.

Family-Based Treatment

Family Initiatives – Managed Referrals

Family Initiatives collaborates with all family members to strengthen, preserve and reunify. By engaging and teaching new skills, families are empowered to improve their own lives. Family Initiatives is a program that provides in-home support to help preserve or reunify families. Families work collaboratively with our workers, called Family Specialists, to help families reach their goals.
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Fostering Connections (Foster Care)

Fostering Connections provides children referred by Calgary and Area Children's Services with a surrogate family, when they are unable to reside at home. We provide specialized training to foster parents and ongoing support to foster families to ensure children receive the best care. Fostering Connections provides foster care services to children from birth to 18 years. We serve children from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and needs.
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Therapeutic Foster Caregiving

Therapeutic Foster Caregiving provides children and youth who are in care with a therapeutic family setting and supports that are child and youth centered and child and youth and family focused.  
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School-Based Services

William Roper Hull School

William Roper Hull School is located in the southwest community of Woodbine and is operated as a partnership between the Calgary Board of Education and Hull Services. We offer highly specialized and individualized programs that focus on the development of academic and vocational skills for students with behavioural and emotional difficulties. Students are primarily referred to us through Hull Services and the Calgary Board of Education's Learning Services.
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Children’s Village School

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Community Group Care

Cedarbrae Teaching Home

Cedarbrae Teaching Home is a group home for youth with developmental delays, social and emotional deficits. The goal is to help youth acquire social skills and independent living skills for transitioning into adult life.
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Radisson Group Care Home

Radisson Group Care Home offers a safe, stable and individualized treatment program for youth who have been removed from their families or placements due to breakdown, behavioural and emotional problems, or possibly neglect or abuse. Radisson provides teaching and support for these youth to integrate back into the community. Referrals are made through Children's Services, Calgary Region.
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Campus-Based Care


Mountainside is a trauma-informed, therapeutic campus-based treatment program that provides clinical interventions to children and youth with emotional and behavioural challenges.
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Preadolescent Treatment Program (PTP)

The Preadolescent Treatment Program (PTP) is a trauma-informed, attachment-based, therapeutic campus-based treatment program serving kids between six to 12 years. PTP provides a relationally rich environment to help kids improve self-regulation and reduce maladaptive behaviours.
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River Lodge (formerly Cottage One)

River Lodge (formerly Cottage One) provides services in a therapeutic campus-based treatment facility for special needs youth ages 12 to 17 years with developmental, emotional and behavioural problems. We strive to enhance every youth’s ability to become a contributing member of the community, maximizing their potential and improving their quality of life.
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Safe Directions

Safe Directions consists of five programs offering immediate intervention and help for youth in dire need as they are at serious risk of harming themselves or others. These children enter our services either voluntarily or are court-mandated depending upon the specific program as described below:
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Track: Young People’s Lodge (formerly TRACC)

Track: Young People’s Lodge, assists youth and families through a continuum of services. The service is designed to treat adolescents with serious emotional and/or behavioural difficulties who are not yet able to be effectively served in the community.
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Turtle Lodge: Developmental Treatment Centre (formerly Cottage Seven)

Turtle Lodge: Developmental Treatment Centre is a therapeutic campus-based (and day) program for children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 years with developmental delay and severe behaviour/mental health problems. Our program reduces problem behaviour, teaches adaptive behaviour and social skills and involves parents as change agents.
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Adult Services

Interdependent Living Services

Interdependent Living Services (ILS) is a community-based program for youth and young adults ages 16 to 24 who may have developmental disabilities, mental health concerns, and social, emotional and behavioural challenges. Referrals are youth in the Children's Services system in the Calgary Region 3 and with Stoney Child and Family Services.
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