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Family Advocacy and Support Project

FASD MAPS is a partnership of four organizations that bring together a unique array of expertise in the area of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. At Hull Services, a family advocate works with children and youth, 8 to 15 who may be impacted by FASD.

The services provided include:

  • M – Mentoring: through in-home and group supports.
  • A – Advocacy: help build a support network for all family members.
  • P – Partnership: sharing of resources across Calgary and area.
  • S – Support: help stabilize families that are under stress and facing possible breakdown.

The goals of the partnership are:

  • To build on the strengths and abilities of individuals affected by FASD.
  • To increase individual, family and community awareness of the impact of FASD.
  • To increase recreational and social connections for young people affected by FASD.
  • To develop and promote family strategies and support for managing FASD.

In addition to Hull Services, FASD MAPS partners with:

  • Renfrew Education Services works with children, newborn to 10 years who may be affected by FASD.
  • McMan Youth, Family and Community Services works with youth and young adults, ages 15-21 who may be affected by FASD.
  • Wood’s Homes supports parents and caregivers of children, all ages, who may be affected by FASD.


Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network
Public Health Agency of Canada
FASD Connections
Strategies Not Solutions

For more information contact

Deanna Thoresen Program Coordinator

  • 403-207-2504

Virginia Hervey Program Director

  • 403-207-2503