How You Can Volunteer

Volunteers who are willing to step up and give their time help make all the difference to children, youth and families in our communities who are struggling with mental health challenges. Volunteers have a far-reaching impact on Hull Services, and our success would not be possible without their dedication, support, and enthusiasm. At Hull Services, they give the valuable donation of time in a number of ways — through our corporate Group Involved Volunteer days, as mentors in our Mentors Matter program, and by filling critical support roles during special events, such as our fundraising golf tournaments or Stampede Breakfast.

Group Involved Volunteering (GIV)

Group Involved Volunteer (GIV) Days are an integral part of Hull Services engagement with our community. We appreciate the many companies that come to help with everything from minor renovations to staff training and celebrations for the kids. No matter how big or how small the commitment, kids and families dealing with the challenges surrounding Mental Health issues are impacted in a positive way.

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Volunteer Mentor

Think about a person that made you feel valued and supported, that helped with your self-confidence and growth and saw potential in you. You can be that person for one of our young people in Calgary by volunteering as a mentor with Hull Services.

Mentor Volunteers

Special Event Volunteers

We have a number of events throughout the year that require support from volunteers. Volunteers fill critical support roles that help make the event a success.

To learn more about volunteering at Hull Services, please contact Debbie Wheeler at or 403-835-1553

Current Special Event Volunteer Opportunities:

  • 35th Annual Stampede Breakfast, July 9, 2024

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