Fostering Connections (Foster Care)

Submitted on Thursday, 01/09/2020 - 5:36 am

About Fostering Connections

Fostering Connections (FC) has been providing care for more than 40 years to children who are in the care of the government and who have no immediate options to stay with family or kin. The program provides children with a safe, caring family home that can support their healthy development and meaningful connections until they are transitioned to their forever home.

Who this Program Supports

Fostering Connections supports children and youth ages birth to 17 years referred by Calgary and Area Children’s Services. We serve children from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and needs. For those children who come from more intensive treatment settings, we provide additional support to help them reconnect with their community.

Our Approach

Fostering Connections provides children referred by Calgary and Area Children’s Services with a surrogate family, when they are unable to reside at home. We provide specialized training to foster parents and ongoing support to foster families to ensure children receive the best care.

We work closely with the child/youth’s team to:
  • provide a safe, supportive environment to help children learn new skills and meet developmental milestones
  • help children manage the transitions associated with a change in placement
  • advocate for their needs
  • provide opportunities for children to connect with their family, culture and community and to participate in activities of interest to them
  • work collaboratively with foster parents, the child’s team and support network
  • support each child’s permanency plan, i.e., reunification with family or placement with kin
  • provide Agency resources, cultural resources and training resources for foster parents and families
  • provide in-home support and after hours on-call support

We believe that all children benefit from meaningful connections and a safe, nurturing place in which to grow.

Committed To Excellence

As an Agency we use best practice approaches in our work with vulnerable populations, such as Dr. Bruce Perry’s trauma informed approach called the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. Hull is certified in the use of this approach, which is used to understand brain development, the impacts of trauma, and promote healthy brain development and functioning. You can click here to learn more about Dr. Perry and his approach.

Fostering Connections staff are members of the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (ACTA) and the Agency is accredited by CARF.


Interested in becoming a foster parent?

How to Access the Program

Fostering Connections is a managed referral program. The program is accessed through Calgary Region Children’s Services.

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