2019-2020 Annual Report 

I am very pleased to present you with our annual report for 2019/20. It reflects the excellent work that is happening throughout Hull’s continuum of services and the dedication of approximately 700 staff and 550 volunteers to our shared vision of resilient young people and families thriving within communities that support their mental health and well-being.  Special mention must be made about the invaluable support of our Board of Governors and the Hull Child & Family Foundation Board.  Their work to provide excellent oversight in governance and investment management is tireless and integral to the sustainability of this organization.

While Hull has been navigating some uncharted territory this year, there are some key organizational elements that stabilize and energize us and foster hope, like the commitment of our people to delivering excellent services and the important contributions made by our friends, partners and donors that remind us we are not alone in our mission. Most of all, we see evidence every day of the strength and resilience of the young people and families we serve as we have the opportunity to walk alongside them as they learn and grow. This is what motivates and inspires us, and I hope the stories offered within this report will do the same for you!

In 2020, we lost two dear friends and supporters of Hull, JR Shaw and Charlie Fischer.  JR played a significant role in the lives of the families at Hull.  His generosity and unwavering support had a significant influence on the lives of Hull’s kids and families that will continue to be felt for generations to come.  Charlie’s impact at Hull Services over the years was immeasurable. He had a sincere desire to make a difference in the community and he demonstrated this in everything he did.

We are so grateful for both these men’s trust in Hull and we will continue to honour their legacy as we forge ahead in the work that we are doing on behalf of those we serve.  We are equally committed to honouring your trust and investment in our work as Hull partners with young people and families, building resilience today for a brighter tomorrow.

With sincere appreciation,

Julie Kerr,
Executive Director, Hull Services

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