Your Sponsorship In Action

One in five children in our community struggle with a mental health challenge; a startling number, a disquieting fact. These children live in neighbourhoods across Calgary. They live next door, they go to school down the street, and they deserve to be part of this city as much as anyone. They are our children. Many of these kids have experienced trauma due to physical and sexual abuse, neglect, loss, grief, and more. Trauma that can lead to serious mental health challenges: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, even thoughts of suicide.

Mental health problems have a huge impact on a child’s development and that greatly impacts their ability to build positive relationships with friends and family, and thrive in the community. And nearly 75 per cent of all mental health problems in adults begin in childhood. Childhood mental health issues don’t just end. Kids don’t just grow out of them. Without intervention, the challenges in childhood can continue into adulthood. They lead to adult social problems in our communities: crime, homelessness, addictions, and poverty; all of which cost society billions of dollars every year. The human cost is incalculable.

Now here’s some good news. Hull Services is responding to these dire circumstances by helping more than 9,100 children and their families on an annual basis. This is accomplished through 29 programs and services staffed by people who have the education, experience, training and empathy to make a real difference.

Please join us as a sponsor to make a difference that will changes lives and break the cycle of trauma in our community. 

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